What makes a Favorite Space?

The place where your family gathers?

A spot to escape to — a museum or a destination hotel?

Or is it a retreat where you gain inspiration and refresh your senses?

For me, a favorite space transports me and inspires me to think outside of my daily existence, be it as a solo experience or surrounded by my family or friends.

I find that being surrounded by art and beauty are my daily meditation.

I recently visited The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute’s Spring 2018 exhibit Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and The Catholic Imagination. Displayed in the Byzantine and Medieval galleries at The Cloisters, the show is gorgeous, spiritual and witty. Fashion has long been an inspiration in my designs.

Haute couture creations by Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, Valentino and many more have found a very comfortable home among the sculptures and art of The Met. They are modern masterpieces and a witty take on the show’s religious theme. It’s fun to hunt for designs amongst the permanent collections in the museum.

Plus, it’s a knockout.

Make a point of checking out this exhibit and take a special trip to The Cloisters. Complete the tour with a stop at The Trie Café for a glass of chilled wine on the outdoor portico balcony — it may become one of your favorite spaces too.

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